Honors Physics Experiments

Mechanics: Statics, Dynamics, Gravity

accelerating upward and downward

centripetal force

determining gravity

friction-kinetic and static

lab car race



projectile motion-horizontal distance

projectile motion-muzzle velocity

resolution of forces

simple efficiency

simple machines

tension in ropes

torque-determine the mass of an object

torque-moment lab

mass of air




calories in a nut

calorimetry-heat of fusion

calorimetry-specific heat of metals

calorimetry-temperature of a flame

calorimetry-water to water

which part of a flame is hottest (design)



General: density, Data, Organization, Designing

astronomy research project

christmas and physics

chromatography of ink

collecting and organizing data

cooling coffee-experimental design

densities of liquids

densities of solids

density of water by trial and error

differing densities of water

hookes law

measuring thickness of aluminum foil

newtons law of cooling


Electricity and Magnetism

artificial battery and capacitor

building a basic speaker

building a simple motor

circuits-parallel and series

electrical readings for batteries in series

electrical readings-using a multimeter


mapping magnetic fields


Optics: Lenses and Mirrors

multiple images-kaleidoscope activity

optics - reflection and refraction


Nuclear Physics

can you maintain a nuclear reactor

law of radioactivity



cartesian diver



resonance of a closed end tube