NHS Meeting Agenda





1) Election of officers

            President: will work closely with me

            VP: same as President

            Secretary: create agenda/upload it to web/will create NHS letterhead with logo

            Treasurer: will organize fundraisers


2) Toys for Tots drive (work with Ms. McKee) – Fall semester


3) Engineering day – Spring semester

            -Mr. Booth has okayed and is in full support


4) Individual service project.

            -do over summer or fall and short abstract due by December


5) Induction Ceremony – January



6) Contacting all NHS members

            a) email?


7) Fundraisers


            a) “Float Friday” once a month


            b) NHS t-shirts for spring  $15


            c) One dollar a month dues


            d) bring in $1000 w/fundraisers?


8) Will provide at least one book scholarship at the end of the year (at least $250)


9) Will meet once a month after school or 8:00 on same day….pick a date. MEETING IS MANDATORY


10) Pizza Party and movie midyear and end of year.